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Our Free Horoscope Kundli Matching is based on Ashtkoot Gun Milaan methods. As per Ashtkoot Kundli milaan methods Asht meaning Eight Koot means Prominent Points, that conculdes to Eight prominent point to judge and match two persons Personalities as per Astrology Definition of their Personalities. So that one can understand and finalize on both persons being compatible to live with each other for life as per their Personality Traits.

What is Astkoot Gun Milaan system of Astrology?

There are Eight prominent points on which the personalities are analysed as per astrology. These are Varna Matching of the caste of Janma Nakshatra, Vashya Attraction, Tara Longevity of either, Yoni Nature and characteristics, Graha Maitri Natural friendship, Gan Mental Compatibility, Bhakoot Relative influence of one on the other, Nadi Possibility of child birth. Varna match will give total 1 point, Vashya match will give total 2 point, Tara match will give total 3 point, Yoni match will give total 4 point, Graha Maitri match will give total 5 point, Gan match will give total 6 point, Bhakoot match will give total 7 point, Nadi match will give total 8 point. Totalling to 36 points, if all the factors mentioned above of two person fully match then they get 36/36 points. Best Match is 30 - 36 / 36, Good Match is 24 - 30 / 36, Average Match is 18 - 24 / 36 (but marriage can be suggested after consulting some Good Astrologer), if total calculated Gun count are less than < 18 / 36 then Marriage is Not Recommended by system defined in Ashtkoot Method of Marital Compatibility Matching. Anyhow We suggest you to Consult any Good Astrologer for Final Advice as he may see many other Factors of Kundlis also. Chat with Astrologers on Our Sibling App.

Why Kundli Matching by Ashtkoot Gun Milaan is important in India?

India is the Most Ancient Civilization on Earth, Vedas are the most Ancient Scientific Text Developed in Human History. Astrology being Part of Vedas is Very Important in Indian Culture. As a poular sanskrit saying in India 'Jyotisham Vedanam Chakshu' meaning to Astrology are the Eyes of Vedas says it all. And Ashtkoot Gun Milaan by Kundli is the best method available from these ancient texts and Refiened by Knowledge of other Ancient Sages from time time, Hence is Most trusted Method for Pre-Marriage Compatibility Matching.

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