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Free Kundli Horoscope

Free View or Download your Basic Kundli Horoscope with Calculations and Basic Prediction for the Purpose of preserve for Astrologer and Future Consultation with Astrologer purposes. It also Include Basic Nature Prediction of the Person, which shall be forseen as Basic Ascendant Based Predictions of Horoscope Lagn Kundli Chart of the Person. You Can Directly Print Color or Black & White Kundli to Printer or You can also Download PDF Kundli Horoscope. This Free Kundli Horoscope is Mini Version of usually common name Janam Patrika. It is Available in English & Hindi Both Languages.

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Free Horoscope Matching

Free View or Download Ashtkoot Milaan Based Horoscope Kundli Matching Results. This Report Contains the Basic Ashtkoot Points Matching out of Matched Gun out of 36 total Gun points. It also contaings Basic level of Calculations for Both Male and Female Persons for the Best use of an Astrologer to Go through. It also Include Basic Manglik Matching as per the Lagn and Chandra kundli. You Can Directly Print Color or Black & White Kundli to Printer or You can also Download PDF Kundli Horoscope. You can also Consult with our Astrologers for Detailed Analysis of this Matching.

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How to Get Free Online Kundli, Horoscope or Janmapatrika ??

Getting Free Online Kundli from Kundli.Click Platform is a piece of Cake. Just go to our Kundli Making Page Open Form launch, insert all the details like Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth (Choose from List) to get your Free Online Kundli Generated.

What is Kundli.Click??

Kundli.Click is a Free Online Kundli Making WebApp, made with the purpose of providing Free Online Kundli to the People.

Can i view a Sample of Horoscope Kundli??

YES!! OfCourse here you can see » Download Free Sample Kundli.

Astrology APIs for horoscope

Kundli.Click provides you with a set of JSON REST http APIs. You can Get details about Vedic Kundli Horoscope by using this APIs. Planetary, Ascendant, Charts, Tables etc and all other advanced Details can be obtained by using this APIs set. Lagn Kundli Making functionality can be added and served on your web sites. Any Technology that can Consume JSON http APIs can use these APIs, be it PHP, Java, Python, C# or any client side language like Javascript or any Android app or iOS app, all can consume these APIs. If you want Easy Readymade Solution with User Interface, go for our Astrology iFrame Widget. There are Several Plans for these APIs. See Plans.

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Astrology Widget for Website

Kundli.Click provides you with Free Astrology Horoscope Widget for Your Website. It can Be embeded as iframe in your HTML Websites, Whatever be the Backend Technology. You can also Embed this widget as HTML Plugin for your Wordpress Website or any CMS Website. This iframe Widget is Free of Cost with credits and Customized and Paid without Credit attribution. This Widget is Fully Responsive for your Responsive Website. Designed in latest Material User Interface, designed to fit in all themes of your website. If you want your Customized User Interface you can contact uson our email id for Customization or Enroll for our Astrology APIs as a great tool.

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Free Kundli Horoscope Android App

Download our Free Kundli Horoscope Android App. Our Android app is Another great tool to Create and Generate Kundlis on the Go Along with Basic Predictions and a Lot of Remedies also. Store and Save unlimited Kundlis, Retrive on Requirement. So, Download our android app and start generating Kundli Horoscope or janam patri for consulting your customer if you are an astrologer or for yourself if you dont know astrology as well.

A Screenshot of the Main screen of the App is Shown on the side or above. You just have to Register to Start using the app for Free on your Android Phone.

Languages : Available in English [A B C ...], Working on Hindi [क ख ग ...] & Other Languages also.

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