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Kundli is Back-Bone of our Vedic astrology System, Get Free Kundli Horoscope from the form on Right. Making Manual Kundli for Astrologers is a haysome task in Todays Fast moving World where "Time is Money". So in year 2000 We Promised the Astrologer Community to come up with Astrological Software Solution to Make their Laborious and tedious Task Easy, (Actually Very Easy) like a Piece of Cake. Now No Need to maintain the Daily Speeds of Planets, Long and Bulky Yearly Ephemerises and other Calculating Formulaes. Then We came up with Numerology Software Keero Gold and a few years later with DaivagyacharyaCE Astrological Software from then onwards we have been developing Kundli Softwares and came us with this Free Online Kundli Software for Astrologers Community as well as for Common People.

What is Kundli Horoscope as per Parashari System?

Basically Kundli at some Date, Time and Place of Birth is snapshot of Astrological Planets at that very instant. Then those Planets are fixed and Have degrees of their Positions in Bhachakra/Space. When we Write all those Astrological Planets on a Kundli Chart then it is Called a Basic Lagn Kundli or Lagn Chart. Now if we consider DAte Time and Place of Birth of Someones Birth then, that very Kundli is Called the Persons` Janma Kundli Horoscope (Birth Chart). Then this Kundli is used by Astrologers who then decode and analyse the Deep, Subjective and Precise Predictions of the Person. We in Free Kundli Horoscope online Tried our Level best to automate the Basic Prediction System by using the Complex Calculations and formulas available in ancient texts.

Why Kundli Horoscope making is Traditional in India?

In India, when a person is born, their Date, Time and Place of Birth are taken and considered utmost important as it is then used for Making Horoscope Janm Kundli of the Person. Since the Time of Vedic Era, Sages and Brahmins used to make Kundli of People, as per Astrological Principles, And then they used to Predict things of their Life, Positives of their Lives, Nature of theirs, Struggles of their Lives, their Health Conditions etc etc Many More things. If Situation of any Big Distress Situations, the people visited their Astrologer to Get Predictions on that Topic. Then the Astrologer or Sage used to Give Remedies as per Vedic Understanding like Mantras Homam or Wearing a Rudraksha etc to Diminish or Reduce the Effects of the Planets indicating those situations of Life. Detailed Charts With indepth Analysis as per Birth Charts are Also created for Some People on Requirment in theat Ages, But Now all these Process is Made very Easy with Presence of High Speed Processing Units of Computers and Smartphones. You can make unlimited number of kundli Horoscopes form the Form on Right on our Web App Absolutely Free. In Ancient Times, Making a Janm Kundli by any Brahmin usually took 20-30 days to calculate the things and then do Predictions on the basis of this calculations. Also those Kundlis as were prepared Manually were ery much Error Prone and Were not Very Precise, but We along with the Power of Computing solved the issue of Precision, Now the Calculating Figures are taken upto 9 decimal points by our web app and other softwares, while calculating the degrees of Planets and other Calculations etc.

Sample Kundli??

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Benefits of Generating Free Kundli Online?

When you Approach any Astrologer for Predictions or Consultation on any Issue, 100% of Astrologers will ask for your Birth Chart aka Janma Kundli first, Correctness of Which shall be considered your duty, as the Astrologer can only interpret and analyze the Birth Chart Present in Fron of Him, there asrises a need for PResenting him with a Precise, Correct and in-depth Chart of yours, as the Predictions will be based upon your Presented Chart Horoscope. Kundli Horoscope is the Utmost Important and Compulsary Tool for any Astrologer to Proceed with for your Analysis or Problem solution.

More Detailed & Topic wise Kundli Horoscope are also Available with us here PDF Horoscope (Automated) and Manually Generated are available here Premium PDF Horoscope (Manual).

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